Just Keep Swimming
I have never been as confident about swimming as I want to be, and I could never ski. Each time I tried I would emerge from the muddy water, freshly mixed with tears and snot, coughing and convinced I had nearly died.
Nonetheless, Holly said, “Like this,” and because I couldn’t, I watched, and eventually we grew apart.
But I remember being so lucky I never lost my swimsuit bottoms when I crashed; I would flex my feet as if sinking my heels in, and I could catch them at my ankles.
Paintings By: Serena Stevens
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Story to Tell...
Early on the Lake
In the cold chill of the early morning he stood on the shore of the lake and watched as they disappeared into the fog in the distance.
Photography By: Mike Voss
Gummy Bears
Well, I guess you win.
Drawings By: Isaac Smith
Mr. Maus Sets Out
Mr. Maus is one who will have adventures similar to Prince Valiant and Don Quixote as he journeys through an imaginary landscape with a surrealistic touch.
Fiber Arts By: Michael Heilman
Instead We Decided to Dance with Our Eggnog
Crackle and static interrupted us. The ornaments decorated the table, And the couch, with a few on the tree. We had important family plans to make, But instead, we decided to dance with our eggnog.
Created By:  Amber D. Harrison
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Blossom by: Mikyoung Osburn
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